Zine ⚡️​​

• Binary dictionary of emotions •


As part of the elective „Cut-n-Paste Publication“ during the plusweeks at WdKA, I created this zine, together with my group, students from „illustration“ and „Audiovisual Design“.

During this elective we explored the potential of combining digital and physical DIY media into one powerful publication. The class started  with exploring the origins of both traditional zines and webzines. 

The goal of this project was to create a dictionary of emotions, providing multiple ways of understanding it – for a computer to read. Visuals of human expressions, binary code, coding and a dictionary definition. Furthermore it includes a soundtrack, capturing the emotion, which is visualized and can be played back by scanning it with your phone.

✨ Illustrations/Screenprint • Ania Yilmaz 

✨ Sound/Composing • Jorick Buurstra


InDesign CC + Screenprint + Risographing

January 2019